Apple Contact Number: 0800 107 6285

Give Apple customer services a call by dialling their UK telephone contact number 0800 107 6285 for free for technical support with your iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.

Apple is a world-famous international brand with millions of customers flocking to purchase their latest iPhone smartphones, their iPad tablet devices and their Mac computers. You can call their UK customer care phone number 0800 107 6285 for free as it is a freephone helpline to get technical support when your Apple device is not working. If you device is under warranty you can dial this number to request an appointment at your local Genius Bar or affiliated repair team to get the problem fixed, however there may be a charge to this service if you do not have the aforementioned warranty insurance policy.

Moreover you should call this helpline if you are have forgotten the login details to your Apple ID so that you can get your username or password reset. Similarly if you ID account has been fraudulently accessed you can phone this number to lock your account and to get a refund for the stolen amount.

Apple helplines are open 8am to 9pm on weekdays and 9am to 6pm on weekends; calls are free from any UK landline or mobile phone.


Apple Store & Apps – 0800 048 0408

Contact Apple on their UK freephone number 0800 048 0408 for enquiries about their online store and their featured apps, for instance you should dial this number for troubleshooting technical issues when downloading software. Moreover you can phone this number to flag inappropriate content on an app and to get a refund for any incorrect in-app purchases which is an increasingly prevalent problem on children’s games.


Write to Apple

You can write to Apple by sending letters to their Europe head office which is located in the Republic of Ireland, therefore please remember to affix the correct international postage so that your letter reaches the appropriate destination.

Apple Distribution International,
Hollyhill Industrial Estate,
Republic of Ireland.